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Our previous study was built by one of the firms that advertises in the Sunday supplements and we thought it was great until we experienced working with Ian and his team. We discovered here someone who listened to our needs to come up with the best possible design rather than a salesperson trying to fit as many cupboards as possible into the design for their own benefit.

We had specific cupboards designed to accommodate our needs rather than getting off the shelf ones that we had to make do with. We dealt with Ian personally from design all the way to fitting rather than being, as had happened previously, handed over to people who had been badly briefed and found it all too easy to blame their sales colleagues rather than take ownership of any issues that arose. To complicate matters we did not make Ian's life easy. The study is in a new-build which was delayed on numerous occasions but Ian showed great patience and flexibility throughout. Nothing was ever too much trouble.

This has been one of the most enjoyable and ultimately rewarding experiences we have had with our suppliers for this property. We cannot recommend constructive ideas highly enough. As I type this, sitting at my desk, I cannot help but smile at how stunning and elegantly functional our study is.

Mr & Mrs Gobillot

I went across to the barns this morning and had a look at the study, it is BRILLIANT, I am so looking forward to moving in and having a nice work space again. The problem is it is so lovely that I will have to ask you to do one for my barn, but that is a little while off as yet. Thank you also very much for leaving the handles for the bedroom wardrobes, that was very kind, I like them so much better than what was going to be put on. So many thanks to you and Ben, very professional service and we are very, very pleased.

Thanks for the finishing touches. The study looks great, exactly as I wanted it and it will even have windows on Tuesday!

You have been excellent throughout the entire process and I would absolutely use your services again should I ever build another study (unlikely) and highly recommend you should a friend need one (possible).

Many thanks again and when it is all finally finished I will ping some photos.

Phil Lazell

We have now settled into our new study and wanted to let you know how delighted we are with everything. From the design to the execution it is all excellent and not only functional but very attractive and stylish. The quality of the workmanship and your attention to detail are outstanding. Many thanks again and best wishes for the future.

Roger and Susan


I contacted Ian to seek advice and ideas for a problematic room that I wanted to turn into a library/study. After meeting with him and reviewing designs that were creative and yet in keeping with the feel of the rest of the house, I knew that I had found a true craftsman. Every minor detail is carefully thought out right down to the way electricity sockets are accessed and cabling hidden. The result is a pain-free build with no mess, and no unforeseen crises.

I was particularly impressed that, having mentioned at our original meeting that my asthmatic daughter struggled with sawdust, Ian set up a gazebo outside and did all of the necessary cutting away from the house. It was a considerate gesture and entirely in keeping with the way that Ian and his team approached the entire commission.

Ian's work is of an exceptionally high standard and the furniture that he makes is beautiful. He has turned a mundane space into the heart of the house and I would unreservedly recommend him to anyone.

Thank you, Ian, for your efforts.

Richard Irving

At the beginning of 2017, we decided that we'd invest in a fitted study. The existing study was a mess with pieces of furniture acquired on a 'temporary' basis over 10 years - nothing matched and storage was non-existant resulting in things kept in bags and boxes.

We looked at a couple of the national suppliers and realised quickly that we may get the study that they were able to supply, rather than the one we wanted.

A short search on the internet brought Ian at Constructive Ideas to our attention. He was the only person we contacted, and we are very glad we did. Ian made an appointment to see us and brought some samples. He asked us what we were looking for, providing advice and guidance. We decided on a walnut and painted study to complement our doors and the kitchen which runs off the study. Ian measured up and produced the design and quote which he shared with us on his second visit a week later. We didn't hesitate and confirmed our order. Ian gave us a fixed fitting date and the study was fitted in two days!

We didn't realise at the time the impact the study would have on us. It is a pleasure to go into the room and see such a quality produce and craftsmanship. With Ian's advice, everything is in the right place, there is ample storage (with a combination of open and closed), and the downlights work really well in the evening. One of the things I love the most is that all the cabling is hidden, and there's a wonderful panel underneath the desk that opens up to give access to power sockets. We can both work in the study at the same time, and I have been looking for opportunities to work from home more!

At the risk of repeating a lot of what has been said before, Ian and his team are excellent in their product and service. We recommend them without hesitation.

Thank you.

Mr & Mrs Reed (Essex)

When searching for a provider for a bespoke study I looked at a number of providers covering a range of prices and quality of the end product. Several of these were high profile advertisers in the quality weekend newspapers.

Whilst I was impressed by several providers it was Ian Nicol of Constructive Ideas who impressed most. I had a reasonable idea of what I wanted but with Ian's input and experience he helped me to what has proved to be an elegant, but practical solution.

The process was simple enough; Ian visited, discussed thoughts and ideas (gently steering me away from anything I might later regret), and measured up. Within a few days he had produced a superb set of computer generated sketches that perfectly reflected the solution we had discussed.

We then had a discussion around price and delivery, both of which suited me perfectly.

Came the time for delivery Ian was on-site when he said he would be with a delivery crew who were courteous and careful. Over the course of the weekend Ian and his team turned the shell of my study from the computer generated sketch into reality. No mess, no fuss, but a high quality end product that I had been looking for.

I cannot speak highly enough of Ian and his team and recommend them without hesitation to anyone looking for a 5 star study.

Mr Stuart Allan

I didn’t realise I needed a fitted study until I saw the Constructive Ideas display at a showroom in Suffolk. Within a few days, Ian Nicol, had travelled to Lowestoft to discuss my needs and to interpret them onto drawings and plans.

Whilst finalising my needs I contacted a couple of other, national, fitted study suppliers. Only one was interested enough to make a visit. I received a design which represented what the company could manufacture rather than what I wanted. The design was poor and the price was high.

I sat down with Ian with some trepidation knowing that I was going to get a quality study, designed to suit my needs but fearing the price would be excessive based on the previous one I had obtained. I needn’t have worried. The price was lower than the national company for a much more comprehensive layout.

Ian tweaked the design to accommodate my ever changing demands. He introduced creative solutions such as a window seat, a concealed printer cabinet, cable ports, an extendable power and usb dock and pelmet lighting.

The constituent parts arrived on the agreed date and Ian and his colleague, Mark, supervised the unloading and then set about the installation. The estimated 3 days to fit was accomplished in 2 days due entirely to their hard work.

The plans and discussions had built my expectations up to a high level. The finished study exceeded those expectations. I am absolutely delighted. From the care and thought given to designing a study to meet my needs, through the quality of the product to the craftsmanship and attention to detail during installation, I can only give praise. My fitted study is exactly that. It fits around 3 walls and a window without a gap anywhere. Brilliant!

The common theme throughout the whole process is Ian Nicol who is a pleasure to work with. If you want a fitted study, by all means look at the national suppliers. Only then will you realise how good Constructive Ideas are.

Mr Jermyn of Pakefield 


I have had various pieces of work done for me by Ian Nichol. His work and craftsmanship is of the highest standard and he listens to ideas and directs his clients towards the finished pieces.

Ian has made me built in cupboards for a dressing room and for a television room. He has suggested how they should look and I have not been disappointed. The dressing room cupboards are oak and sycamore and those in the television room are in a stylish dark wood and there incorporate two small fridges for cold drinks. Ian has also made a beautiful dressing table cum chest of drawers and two bedside tables for a guest bedroom.

I suppose the ‘piece de resistance’ for me is the dining table and sideboard which grace my kitchen. The table is expandable and has a lovely dark inlay which sets off the light wood. The sideboard has a glass top (immensely practical) and is a clean and modern design.

I thoroughly recommend Ian as a cabinet maker not only for the standard of his work but also because it is always ready on the date he fixes!

Good luck for the future Ian.

Catherine Condron

Dear Ian,

We would like to thank you for the excellent work that you carried out here at our school. Our school office was a make shift affair that was dilapidated a mess and falling apart! The room houses two people and is long and thin with very little space. We wanted a solution that would last and be functional now and into the future.

Myself and my colleague were asked to decide exactly what we wanted. When Ian arrived he was great, he listened carefully to our requirements and made helpful suggestions whilst challenging us to think about how we would house our existing equipment and at the same time coming up with helpful comments or solutions. 

We and Ian had a blank canvas and between us he went about quietly and efficiently designing exactly what we asked for. He listened and we got what we wanted!

There is nothing worse than when you have a vision and the person who is undertaking the work bursts your bubble because they have their own agenda and can only visualise one particular type of concept.

We chose the colours of the walls and the flooring ( which was completed before Ian arrived) Ian arrived complete with a work mate, many of the fitted cupboards and cabinets he had built off site in his work shop – They required space in order to undertake the precise carpentry that was required to build our office but they were quiet, hard working and very efficient. They delivered the job exactly to specifications and on time.

In fact my colleague who was not present during the build was completely amazed that the office looked exactly all that she had hoped for.

We now have two completely separate working areas with a huge amount of storage and work surface area to work on. The office looks neat and tidy and the work areas are comfortable and easy to work in. The office space looks larger as Ian has made very good use of available space. Quite frankly we are over the moon!

We had some snagging to be undertaken a couple of small items that we wanted done differently e.g. doors put onto originally open planned cupboards – but again Ian was very receptive and completed the work efficiently.

Thank you Ian, I have and will continue to have no hesitation in recommending you.

Thank you.

Best wishes,

Karen Rees

Dear Mr Nichol

From your first visit I was impressed. Your product looked great and the service you were offering was just what I was looking for but what I did not except was for you to exceed my expectations – however you have.

You spent a lot of time observing and talking through what I expected from an office in my home. In no time you were in contact again to arrange a further visit this time with design plans, samples and a quotation. We discussed the plans in great detail and after some further helpful suggestions I was pleased to accept your quotation. I was even more pleased to then be told you would also be fitting the office. 

You gave me a date for commencement of work which, you assured me, is always adhered to. And you did. As promised work started on 28th June and from then until the job was finished on 5th July, your commitment and enthusiasm was remarkable. Your craftsmanship is superb and attention to detail really told me you cared about the job in hand. 

The final outcome did indeed exceeded my expectations and my husband and I are absolutely delighted. The plans were accurate and the “start to finish” service you provided has been outstanding. We are most appreciative of all your hard work to produce an impressive, well designed, superb quality office. 

I heartily congratulate and thank you. 

Kind regards,

Judith Broadhead

Dear Ian,

Just a line to say a big thank you for the most satisfactory way in which you have transformed my study. Now, instead of odd pieces of old office furniture with wires everywhere I have a beautiful fully fitted oak study, the envy of many of our friends, with not a wire to be seen.

I would congratulate you in the way you conducted yourself throughout, from the initial negotiations right through to the completion of the installation. It was a pleasure to deal with you as compared with the “pushy” salesman tactics employed by some of your competitors.

I particularly liked the plans you produced and found the artists impressions you provided very useful to give a better picture of what the end result would look like. This certainly helped us to make informed decisions on design.

Regarding installation your attitude was to please with nothing being too much trouble, willing to make repeated visits to our home to accommodate our specific requirements, was very well received.

Wishing you well for the future until we require your services again.

Best regards

Dereck Needham

Dear Ian

We are writing to thank you for your excellent work in designing and fitting new study furniture for us earlier this year.

As we said when you were here, we were impressed with your designs, in particular the way you based them on our thoughts, but incorporated your own ideas to achieve our aim of maximising storage space, whilst also providing a pleasant and practical working environment for us both.

The drawings you provided with the designs were very helpful indeed in enabling us to visualise how the furniture would look when built. We also appreciated your flexibility in including at our request an element that you had not previously designed before ( a tier of slim drawers to hold different types of paper) and the manner in which this was incorporated into the the scheme to blend perfectly with the other elements.

The fitting process was completed quickly and unobtrusively, and the fact that you were involved in this yourself was also very important to us, as it meant that we could discuss things with you as the study was taking shape, and that we were also assured of achieving the quality product as designed.

We are very happy indeed with the finished study and would be happy to recommend you to others without reservation. We will certainly invite you back when we are ready to tackle our next room!

Yours sincerely,

Richard and Yvette Snowden

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